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Club Rules
Training Times
Sunday 5:00-6:30 Coychurch Memorial Hall
Wednesday 7:00-8:30 Bryncethin Memorial Hall

These are the current training days and times.  Any changes/cancellations will be advised as early as possible.

All students should ensure they arrive early enough prior to training to change/pay fees/carry out individual warm-up exercises etc.



Gis must be clean and tidy

Correct belts must be worn by all students.

Novices may wear suitable sports clothing.

Girls/ladies should wear light coloured T-shirts under their Gis.

Only recognised badges should be worn on Gis and should be sewn on securely in the correct places.



Licences should be valid for ALL members.  Students will be advised when their licence is due for renewal and MUST renew their licence by the expiry date.

Ex-members should renew their licence within four weeks of returning to training.

Novices should apply for a licence after eight weeks of training with the Club.

Students will not be allowed to train/fight in the Club unless they have a valid licence or the licence fee has been paid to the Instructor.

Students should note that they are not covered by insurance if they do not hold a valid licence.

All licences are renewable annually.

Licence Fees:

Senior £25 per year
Junior £12.50 per year



It will be the Chief Instructors decision on whether a student will be allowed to attend a grading.

Students must attend 75% of training sessions before being considered for a grading.

Club gradings are held every three months - March, June, September and December.

National gradings for 1st kyu and above are on the recommendation of the chief instructor.


Training Fees

Training fees must be paid by all club members for each training session.  Members are NOT allowed to run up debts to the club.

The Senior Instructor at each training session is exempt from paying training fees.

New members do not pay a fee for their first training session.

No fees are taken for instruction by Club Instructors, but instruction fees may be made to visiting Instructors if necessary.

Visiting Instructors from other clubs will not normally be charged training fees.

Normal training fees will apply to any visiting students.



There are three Club Instructors:

Sempai Richard McAndrew (Chief Instructor) 1st Dan
Sempai Adrian Lewis (Assistant Instructor) 1st Dan
Sempai Peter McAndrew (Assistant Instructor) 1st Dan

Should there be an occasion when no Club Instructor is present, the highest grade senior will instruct the class.


Injuries/Health Problems

Instructors must be informed of any injuries or health problems prior to training.

Any injuries sustained during training should be reported to your instructor prior to leaving the class, and the accident book filled in.

All students must complete a health profile sheet for Club records.



Pads/mitts should generally be worn for sparring in the class.

Nails (fingers and toe) should be cut and clean for safety.

No jewellery should be worn (this includes wedding rings).

Hair should be tied back if necessary.  No metal hair clips or bands should be worn for safety purposes.



Instructors may claim reasonable expenses for travel/fees when required to attend meetings/courses on behalf of the club.



Club members will be informed of all spending in excess of £300.

Copies of the club financial records will be given to each Club Instructor monthly.  However, if a Club member so wishes he/she may inspect the club accounts at any time.


Dojo Etiquette

Students should show suitable respect for - Instructors/Visitors/Senior grades and each other.

Instructors/Senior grades should also set a good example to the lower grades.

If any Student or Instructor is found to be damaging the reputation of Bridgend Kyokushinkai Karate Club or the BKK they can and will have their membership revoked by the Chief Instructor.


Individual Purchases

Gis, belts, badges, weapons, syllabus and other items may be purchased through the Club.  If you wish to purchase any equipment please contact Sempai Peter.


Competitions & Squad Training

Dates and other details for competitions/squad training sessions etc., will be displayed on the Club notice board and Students will be informed at the end of the training sessions as soon as they become available.  Club members are encouraged to attend/support fixtures where possible.



Would all students please remember that the Club is run for the benefit of the students.  If you have any queries or problems please do not hesitate to contact one of your Instructors.  If you have any suggestions or comments that may benefit the running of the Club please put you point forward.

Notice of Club committee meetings will be given, to which any student may attend.

Current committee members:

Chairman Richard McAndrew (01656) 647933
Secretary Hannah McAndrew (01656) 647933
Treasurer Richard McAndrew (01656) 647933
General Members Adrian Lewis (07788) 137641

The Club has a closed committee consisting of the two founder members and three others who are invited to serve on the committee.  The committee is to help with the day to day running of the Club.

The Club is run in line with BKK rules, and therefore, any major decisions regarding changes to Club rules, Instructors, fees, spending etc., must be passed by the Dojo Operator (Sempai Richard McAndrew).

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