Kyokushinkai sets very high standards of training discipline and grading examination, and we are envied throughout the world for this reason.

Gradings take place every three months up to 3rd kyu, and you will only be allowed to take part in a grading when the instructors think that you are ready for it.  Also, you will never be forced into taking a grading when you do not wish to.

From 3rd kyu to 1st kyu, gradings can only be taken every six months.

To achieve the prestigious 1st Dan black belt, the student must have trained as a 1st kyu for at least a year. Also, it is expected that the student must have trained for at least three years continuously and be over 14 years of age.

Grading Costs

10th kyu – 3rd kyu


2nd kyu


1st kyu